Economist & Scholar

An original thinker, Atul has the uncanny ability to connect the dots. In early 2007, at the height of the recent financial bubble,  he was among the few who predicted imbalances in the American and Chinese economies would “soon begin to unwind” in his landmark article, Mountains of Debt, Oceans of Reserves: The Yankee Doodle and Dragon Dance.

Atul’s articles on the Greek debt crisis, the limits of the Chinese economic model and the implications of the Fed raising rates are highly regarded and cited often. His lucid analysis of the global rise of the far-right in the Talks at Google series has been watched all over the world. Atul’s rich, real-world experience along with his deep understanding of philosophy and history make him an astute analyst of geopolitics, international affairs and the global economy.

Entrepreneur & Strategist

As founder, chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of Fair Observer, Atul forged an exceptional team that has taken Fair Observer from a mere idea to a globally reputed media name at a time when journalism itself has been in an existential crisis. Under his leadership, Fair Observer has attracted more than 2,200 contributors from over 80 countries, acquired an influential global audience and developed partnerships with organizations such as the United Nations Foundation and the World Bank..

As an elite officer, Atul led high-risk operations and stared death in the face. He believes adversity has been the best teacher, candidly sharing his lessons with those who seek him out. Atul’s insights, judgment and strategic nous is valued by many entrepreneurs and senior executives.

Educator & Speaker

Atul believes education goes beyond learning skills or mastering a craft, but involves engaging with issues and making sense of the world. Societies flourish and democracies function only when citizens are enlightened and engaged. Atul conducts workshops, classes and Socratic seminars around the world to foster critical thinking, increase civic participation and enhance understanding of the great issues of our times.

The Daily Californian has called him “a stunning public speaker who is simultaneously a walking encyclopedia” and an inspiring educator who lectures “with incredible poise, awe-inspiring passion and unbelievable details.” Atul has spoken at Google, Deloitte, Harvard, MIT and other elite organizations on wide-ranging topics, including the global economy, geopolitics and leadership.

Atul Singh
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief Fair Observer